Hawaiian Airlines Rewards Credit Card

Hawaiian Airlines is excited to announce that a partnership between Hawaiian Airlines and Barclays has been formed to create a credit card that offers more benefits and rewards to its cardholders than ever before: The Barclays Hawaiian Airlines credit card has state-of-the-art smart chip technology that gives amazing benefits from the beginning. When you sign up, you receive a 35,000 miles bonus after using the card to spend $1,000 within the first 90 days. This bonus offering is enough to book a flight to some mainland hubs for a tropical vacation on the beaches of Hawaii. These points can also be used on discounted round trip flights.

As a Barclays Hawaiian Airlines credit card member, you also save on a ticket for your travelling partner with your one time Companion Discount. When you purchase an airline ticket for your companion, a 50% discount is applied. If anything could possibly make Hawaii look more appealing, it is knowing that your vacation is at a great value.

Cardholder benefits don’t end at the bonus miles and discounted tickets. You will also receive complimentary checked bag services, bonus point opportunities, and discounted travel offers. When you book travel through an approved travel partner, you will earn up to ten times the regular travel points. If you decide to share your miles, you do not have to worry about foreign transaction fees.

Bank of Hawaii credit card has additional benefits for business card holders. The 35,000 reward points for signing up and purchasing $1,000 within the first 90 days are placed into your account and can potentially be used to book a round trip flight to the mainland. The Companion Discount is also available with the business credit card.

When the Hawaiian Airlines credit card is used to make purchases with selected partners, business cardholders will earn bonus points as well be able to take advantage of special offers. After certain spending levels are reached, anniversary points are earned. These could potentially cover an annual vacation earned with reward miles.

Additional business cardholder benefits include: sharing miles, smart chip technology, and free foreign transactions. The annual membership fee is also only $89.

Hawaiian Airlines is also able to offer reward mile benefits with partner airlines in order to offer members greater travel opportunities. This expands the possibilities of your Hawaiian Airlines credit card to be able to book travel to anywhere around the world.

When you sign up, you can book your travel and start saving.