Protecting International Loans from Currency Fluctuation

A business that operates internationally has far more things to worry about than a business which only operates domestically. Multinational companies often pursue loans in multiple currencies, and proper managing of exchange rates is crucial. recommends businesses and individuals use currency options to hedge exchange issues with international loans and have a better chance at securing a loan.


Investors and banking institutions can be wary about lending money to companies in a currency other than the main one in which they operate. That can mean that a Russian company which is looking to do business in Western Europe may not be able to secure a loan from a bank which will only lend in Euros, not Russian Roubles. Banks and investors are concerned about lending because if the exchange rate changes, it might become far too expensive for the company to repay the loan and they could default.


One thing that can offset concerns from lending institutions about lending to a company with international trading needs is for that company to demonstrate a sound currency hedging policy. According to, using currency options is one of the best ways for a business to protect against changes in the currency exchange rate.


For example, if an American company borrows cash in EUR, they will have to repay the loan in EUR, not USD. But if the dollar becomes weaker, the loan will become much more expensive for the business and they may not be able to repay it.


But if the business invested a small amount of money in currency options when they took out the loan, they will be able to exercise the option and trade USD into EUR at the exchange rate at the time they took out the loan, saving them a great deal of cash. And if the exchange rate moves in the opposite direction, they can simply let the option expire and actually spend less money to repay their loan. This strategy can make it far easier for an international company to get a loan.

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