Virtual Reality and Fun Times

Escape Hour is a scenario-based game. You can play it with your friends and family members. The motive of the escape room in Calgary or say the quest room is to escape from the game in an hour by solving puzzles and the elements in the room. There are a number of themes to choose from and it will be your private room. All you require is teamwork and solving all the puzzles with the help of the clues you receive. When you solve a clue you get a little closer to receiving your freedom.

Covid Times

We know how hard it is during pandemic times. It is difficult to meet your close ones. Well, the people in Calgary and Edmonton are in for a treat. What is better than having a fun time with your close ones? You may get your close ones to the place you book and then enjoy. This will be a good spot for a gathering. It is time to get out of the boring ways that we used to meet.


At one point in our lives, everyone has a fantasy of becoming a detective and solving crimes and then saving the day. Escape hour has dropped this opportunity straight in your lap. The best part is that you can add the people you want to help you in this adventure. It is like a change in the scene, a breath of fresh air so that you leave all your worries behind and enjoy the quest rooms.

You can host children’s parties and on top of that, you receive gift certificates if you are able to complete the task.

Why is it Different?

This is nothing like your everyday video games. You get a real situation, in a real place and have to communicate with your team in real-time so that you can escape from the room in a span of an hour. The rush, the chills are all real. You will really feel that you are stuck in that situation and have to earn your freedom no matter what.

Initially the escape room looks like another normal room but when you start solving the game it becomes quite clear that you are wrong. After some time you will understand that the room has much more to it, the mysteries, the secrets, the clues and the challenges it has is just amazing. You have to use your brain for the entire hour.